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Waterlooville – our Obelisks

Obelisks in Waterlooville

Financed by part of a ‘Liveability’ government grant the £54,000 granite Obelisks stand 5m tall at the top end of the precinct between Fabric Warehouse and the Heroes. Commisioned by Havant Borough council in May 2009 the sculptures by Bruce Williams were erected in August that year and feature eight images relating to Waterlooville’s past.

  • Oak leaves – Waterlooville once surrounded by dense woodland.
  • Horses – Stabled near to The Heroes pub.
  • Hops – Used to make beer for the pub.
  • A wheel – a stopping point between London and Portsmouth.
  • A feather from the Duke of Wellingtons hat.
  • A tent – The soldiers camp.
  • Rope – Used to erect the tents.
  • The Sea – A reference to the soldiers voyage across the Solent.